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Thank you for entering

This competition is now closed

Thank you everyone who entered the Win A Library competition. We had hundreds of correct entries - and the computer picked our winner on May 1st. We're pleased to announce that Andrew Yuill from Norfolk is the lucky winner and will soon be receiving a large consignment of books. Happily, we believe he has a garage in which to store them!

We've kept the six questions for the competition below in case you want to try your hand at them.

  • Question for Week 1

    What is the name of the seaside town on the Firth where Rick beaches the dinghy?

  • Question for Week 2

    Where does Betty's Grandmother live?

  • Question for Week 3

    What is the Mysterious Goblin's name?

  • Question for Week 4

    What is the local MP's name?

  • Question for Week 5

    How many reports on the war in Sudan were run on major US network and cable TV stations in June 2005?

  • Question for Week 6

    Who is the Chief Investment Officer for Acutely Leveraged Infrastructure and Commodity Equilibriums?

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For more than half a century Penguin has been the leading publisher of classics in the English-speaking world. Since the publication of the first 'Penguin Classic' in 1946 - E.V. Rieu's translation of The Odyssey - Penguin's mission has been to make the great books of all time available at a reasonable cost.

To this end, Penguin is dedicated to making sure that these books speak to contemporary readers by embracing excellence in scholarship, translation, and book design. 'The Penguin Classics' list is organic. New books are brought into the series and others are removed as tastes and interest in literature evolve. Penguin's ability to react to the always evolving universe of great literature is one of the many things that has made Penguin the leader in classics publishing.

Now available as the definitive collection for home, office, or institutional libraries, the 'Penguin Classics Library' contains over 1300 titles, ranging through all Penguin's Classic imprints - the greatest works of literature totalling around half a million pages. From Renaissance philosophy to Greek tragedy, from the spiritual writings of India to the astonishing genius of Shakespeare, and from the travel narratives of the great explorers to the literary inventions of the twentieth century there are classics here to educate, provoke, entertain, and enlighten readers of all interests and inclinations.